Household Prayers for the week starting on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019

Household Prayer: Morning

Loving God,

each new day you fill the world

with light for our work and recreation.

As we go to our daily tasks,

teach us to live as your faithful children

whose eyes are open to the light of Christ.

Where there is uncertainty or falsehood,

help us see your truth.

Where there is division or conflict,

keep us in your love.

Enable all that we do or say to bear witness

to our inheritance as children of God;

through Jesus Christ, your beloved Son. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Holy God,

evening falls upon us,

but darkness cannot overcome your light.

In all that we have faithfully accomplished this day,

your light has illumined our way.

In all that we have truthfully spoken this day,

your wisdom has guided our judgment.

In any way we have strayed,

may your light reveal our fault and your wisdom correct our folly.

Let us rest from our labor,

trusting in your love for all your children,

and let us begin tomorrow with renewed strength

to live according to your will.

Through Christ we pray. Amen.


Reprinted by permission of Westminster John Knox Press from Feasting on the Word® Worship Companion. Copyright 2014.

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