Household Prayers for the week starting on July 8, 2018

Household Prayer: Morning

Creator of light,

I greet you as the morning dawns.

Thank you for this new day.

May it be for me a sign

and an anticipation of your coming kingdom.

Fill me with the energy I will need

to love all whom I meet today.

I pray that I harm no one

and that I may have the mind of Christ

as I live in the world he came to save.

Receive my body, mind, and spirit

as a living sacrifice of thanksgiving

for the love you show me in Jesus Christ.

And where my wholeness is broken

by sin or sickness or the weight of the day,

let me seek you in repentance,

reach out to you for healing,

and lay my burdens before your throne of grace.

When the time for rest comes,

let me find my repose in you,

my comfort in life

and my hope of life everlasting,

through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Faithful God,

where I am now

the earth is turning away from the sun

so that for other parts of the world,

the day is just beginning.

Thank you for abiding with us

through the day and through the night.

As I gather up thoughts of the hours just past

and reflect on what, if anything, they mean,

guide my meditations.

There were times when you used me

to love someone with Christ’s love,

to encourage someone with a word from the Spirit,

to comfort someone with your tender touch,

to challenge someone with your mighty arm.

Let me not be proud, arrogant, or boastful.

Let me rejoice in your goodness and mercy.

I have sinned against you and others this day.

I am sorry.

By your Spirit, help me to turn away from my sins.

Forgive me through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Let me go to my rest this night in peace,

trusting not in my own goodness,

but rejoicing in your glory.

If it is your will,

let me rise to a new day,

giving thanks and praise to you,

the triune God, now and forever. Amen.

Reprinted by permission of Westminster John Knox Press from Feasting on the Word® Worship Companion. Copyright 2014.


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