Three Streams – One River

three streams on river 3 streams

Three Streams, One River is an apt description of the Anglican Church. Here is a description of the Three Streams of the Anglican Church:

1. Catholic.

This word may be deceptive, it does not mean only Roman Catholic. The Anglicanaugustine St-Augustine-of-Canterbury-icon Church is fully Catholic because she is the ancient church that started in England in the first century as part of what the Church Fathers called the Great Church (Church Universal). Because of that, she is Anglo-Catholic. She has kept the faith of the Church Universal, without addition or subtraction, while adapting the way she carries her message to our post-modern times.

2. Reformed.

Influenced by the continental Reformation in the sixteenth century, the Anglican Church undertook a Biblical refbible hands33orm while maintaining her identity and heritage from the first centuries onwards, and without starting a “new church”. The Bible is our ultimate criterion for faith and practice.

3. Charismatic.

We are open to the work of the Holy Spirit. The Anglican Church has been holy spirit __images (1)marked by the Charismatic Renewal of the twentieth century, and this remains a component of our faith identity.