Prayers for Ash Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020

Household Prayer: Morning

Loving God,

I awaken this morning and raise up my mortal body from sleep.

I know that one day you will raise me to everlasting life.

Thank you for such an inexpressible gift!

Thank you, too, for the gift of this day,

of this life among family and friends,

my home and the beautiful earth.

Show me how I can serve you today by serving someone else.

Help me to see evidence of your grace all around.

Remove any obstacle that causes me to stumble in faithfulness

or prevents me from receiving the joy and gladness you offer.

In Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Long after Wednesday’s ashes are wiped away,

my perishable body is still perishable,

O God of my salvation.

I can feel it in these evening hours:

the tiredness in my limbs,

my eyes,

my mind.

Thank you for the activities that engaged me today,

and for the rest that comes

as the sun leaves my horizon for another shore.

As I prepare to sleep,

quiet my thoughts and all my strivings.

Let me ponder the treasures of my heart,

lifting up each one as a prayer for your safe keeping.

When I awake,

now and in the life to come,

I am still with you.

In Christ, Amen.

Reprinted by permission of Westminster John Knox Press from Feasting on the Word® Worship Companion. Copyright 2014

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