Household Prayers for the week starting on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019

Household Prayer: Morning

Creator God,

as I begin this day,

open my eyes, my ears,

all my senses

to the beauty around me.

Help me to see how mountains and trees

rise up in praise of you.

Help me to hear how the birds of the air,

the whales in the deep,

and the wild animals on the ground

sing your praises.

Help me to join another,

or many others,

in praise of your glory

not only today,

but even forever. Amen!

Household Prayer: Evening

Loving God,

as the evening comes,

and with it the moon and shining stars,

I know that you are the Light

in every darkness.

Shine, then, upon anyone who is troubled this night.

Shine, then, upon the troubles I have known.

Help me to put my trust in you,

for I am your child,

and you have come to help me;

you help all whom you have drawn close.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ,

my brother and Savior. Amen.

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