Household Prayers for the week starting on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Household Prayer: Morning

Good and gracious God,

we rise with the morning light

to give you thanks for rest and dreams,

for warmth and safety,

for the delight we have again today

in a life filled with your goodness.

Keep us in your care this day

that we may walk in your path,

glad for our friends,

praying for our enemies,

and eager to hear your Word;

in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Merciful God,

for all that we have done and failed to do this day

we turn to you for respite.

Forgive us for having shunned your desires;

rejoice with us over moments that have filled us with joy.

Bless your people in every land with peace.

Protect us now through the night

that we may wake again to praise your name.

Let the Holy Spirit abide in this house. Amen.

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